In a number of clear and obvious ways, the war in Ukraine has not gone well for the Russian military. That has forced it to adapt many of its tactics. More than fifteen months into the war, some of these tactics are remarkably different from those that Russian forces employed in the opening weeks of the war. But what do these adaptations actually look like?

Dr. Jack Watling joins this episode of the MWI Podcast to explore some of them. A senior research fellow for land warfare at the Royal United Services Institute, he is the coauthor of a recently published report on the subject of Russian tactical adaptation during the war. He explains, for example, how the organization of Russian infantry forces has evolved from the prewar model centered on battalion tactical groups to one that sees infantry forces stratified by specific purpose. He also describes the integration of unmanned aerial vehicles with artillery that has dramatically improved Russian counterbattery fire, the specific steps Russia has taken to improve the survivability of its tanks, and more.

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Image credit:, via Wikimedia Commons