Modern War Institute

Landpower in the Pacific: The Role of the US Army in the Indo-Pacific Theater

On October 5, 2021, the Modern War Institute will host its annual USMA Class of 2006 War Studies Conference. It will bring together an interdisciplinary and diverse group of top thinkers from across academia, the military, and the interagency to discuss new ideas and forge effective solutions to the complex problems facing our armed forces.

This year’s War Studies Conference will focus on identifying what the US Army must do to win future fights in the Indo-Pacific theater. Despite the region’s overwhelming maritime geography, landpower remains essential for winning wars.

A live conference panel in the morning will focus on adversary capabilities, strategies, and doctrine. The second live panel at midday will consider allied force capabilities. A final live afternoon panel will address domestic opportunities for increasing the Army’s effectiveness in the Indo-Pacific theater. The conference also features a live keynote address from General Charles A. Flynn, commanding general of US Army Pacific.

Together, conference participants and audience members will contribute to a lively and informed conversation that will enhance the US Army’s ability to succeed in the most likely future scenarios for violent great power competition.

View the entire conference agenda here.

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