For nearly two decades of constant operations during America’s post-9/11 wars, Army special operations forces played a central role at the tip of the spear. But how will they best contribute to future irregular warfare campaigns that take shape on a very different strategic landscape? And how will special operations forces from the United States’ chief landpower service leverage capabilities in the space and cyber domains to enhance their impact?

In this episode of the Irregular Warfare Podcast, hosts Ben Jebb and Kyle Atwell are joined by Lieutenant General Jonathan P. Braga, commanding general of US Army Special Operations Command, and P. W. Singer, a New York Times best-selling author and renowned national security futurist. Together, they explore the range of future threats that Army special operations forces will encounter, discuss how to harness the power of innovation to enable them to meet these threats, and recommend ways to optimize these uniquely trained and equipped soldiers and units for the future of irregular warfare.

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Image credit: US Army courtesy photo