Modern War Institute

Coercion and Competition: How the United States Can Impose Costs and
Disrupt Adversaries without Resorting to War

On November 4, 2020, the Modern War Institute hosted the fourth annual USMA Class of 2006 War Studies Conference. Like the previous iterations, this event brought together more than two dozen experts from across the national security community to generate ideas about how to address pressing challenges, like great power competition, facing the United States. The participants gathered virtually for a day of discussion surrounding a single theme: “Coercion and Competition: How the United States can impose costs and disrupt adversaries without resorting to war.” Below you can find links to the conference program and post-conference summary, along with videos of all five panels.

Official Conference Registration Book
Official Conference Summary

Conference Videos

Panel 1: Confronting Iran

Dr. Christopher Bolan
Dr. Anthony H. Cordesman
Dr. Ariane M. Tabatabai
Dr. Sanam Vakil

Dr. Nakissa Jahanbani

Panel 2: Confronting North Korea

Dr. Rupal Mehta
Mr. Ankit Panda
Dr. John S. Park
The Honorable Susan Thornton

Dr. Michael Poznansky

Panel 3: Confronting Russia

Dr. Thomas Graham
Ms. Nina Jankowicz
Dr. Alexander Lanoszka
Dr. Cynthia Roberts

Dr. Thomas Sherlock

Panel 4: Confronting China

Ms. Elaine K. Dezenski
Dr. David M. Finkelstein
Dr. Sheena Chestnut Greitens
Dr. Joshua Shifrinson

Mr. Ali Wyne

Concluding Panel: Addressing Diverse Challenges

Col. Stephanie Ahern, PhD
Dr. Emma Ashford
Dr. Michael C. Horowitz
Dr. Nadia Schadlow

Col. Patrick Howell, PhD