This episode takes a slight departure from the format typical of the Urban Warfare Project Podcast. John Spencer is the podcast’s regular host, but in this episode MWI editorial director John Amble, takes that role and Spencer joins as the guest.

With more than twenty episodes so far, each focusing on a particular component of or perspective on the overall subject of urban warfare, now is a good time to take a more comprehensive look at the topic. To do so, there is arguably no better guest to feature than Spencer, MWI’s chair of urban warfare studies. He has spent years writing and publishing widely, lecturing around the world, and studying cities as battlefields.

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(Note: A version of this conversation also was released as an episode of our flagship MWI Podcast this week. If you’re looking for a podcast that engages with a wide range of topics related to modern war, please check it out wherever you get your podcasts.)

Image credit: Sgt. Ernesto Gonzalez, US Army