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Image Courtesy of National Review 


Note: This is not a typical WarBooks Profile – General (Retired) McChrystal happened to participate in a Wall Street Journal feature this weekend (Page C10, Weekend Edition, 13-14 December 2014) in which he listed his top three books for 2014.  His response is below:

“For me, 2014 was a year to think about thinking. Daniel J. Levitin’s fascinating analysis of how we think in ‘The Organized Mind’ provides a scientific foundations for how we deal with the increasing complexity of the information age. In ‘My Promised Land,’ Ari Shavit took me where the science stops and into how our attitudes are shaped not only by what we learn, what we see and ow we feel but also by the experiences of our parents, and their parents, as he provides a sometimes unfamiliar view into the birth and maturation of Israel. Finally, in ‘World Order,’ Henry Kissinger flies to 30,000 feet to deliver a concise, but still sweeping, history lesson and a valuable framework for the major foreign-policy issues of our day.”