When Russian forces launched their invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, it quickly became apparent that one of their primary objectives was the capital of Kyiv. Over the next five weeks, they attempted to penetrate the city to overthrow the democratically elected government. By April 2, when Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense announced that not only was the city itself secure but all areas in the entire Kyiv region that had been seized had been recaptured by Ukrainian forces, the outcome of the Battle of Kyiv was clear. Russia had failed. Defying widespread expectations that Russia’s military advantages would weigh in its favor, Ukrainian forces and Kyiv’s civilian population successfully defended the city and defeated what was believed to be the second most powerful military in the world.

Last month, John Spencer visited Ukraine and was invited to give a lecture that describes the major events that defined the Battle of Kyiv, as well as the key turning points and lessons that can be learned from the battle. The lecture was recorded by the Kyiv Independent and is presented in full in this episode of the Urban Warfare Project Podcast.

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Image credit: Fotoreserg, via depositphotos.com