Episode 72 of the Irregular Warfare Podcast is the first episode of the special Irregular Warfare Initiative Project Cyber. IWI projects explore critical topics impacting the modern practice, policy, and study of irregular warfare. Led by subject matter experts, each IWI project aims to cultivate interdisciplinary dialogue, showcase unique insights, and provide a platform for collaboration. Maggie Smith, the director of IWI Project Cyber, lends her expertise as cohost.

Our guests explore the concepts of zero trust and persistence theory within the cyber domain. They begin by defining these two concepts and go on to highlight how they complement each other in practice. They continue by explaining the importance of seizing and maintaining the initiative in the cyber domain and how it would be more helpful to shift to a mindset of persistent campaigns and away from the idea of isolated cyberattacks. Finally, they conclude with thoughts on the implications for future cyber strategies.

Mr. David McKeown serves as the acting DoD principal deputy chief information officer and in the dual role of deputy DoD chief information officer for cybersecurity and DoD senior information security officer. Mr. McKeown has over thirty-five years of experience in the Department of Defense, having served twenty-seven years in the Air Force and eight years as a government civilian. He spent twenty-one years as an Air Force cyberspace operations officer. He also served as the director of enterprise information and mission assurance for the Army Information Technology Agency and most recently led the Service Delivery Staff at the Department of Justice.

Dr. Richard J. Harknett is professor and director of the School of Public and International Affairs and chair of the Center for Cyber Strategy and Policy at the University of Cincinnati. He codirects the Ohio Cyber Range Institute, a statewide organization supporting education, workforce, economic, and research development in cybersecurity. He has served as scholar-in-residence at US Cyber Command and the National Security Agency and continues to provide analysis. He is coauthor of Cyber Persistence Theory: Redefining National Security in Cyberspace.

Laura Jones and Maggie Smith are the hosts for Episode 72. Please reach out to them with any questions about this episode or the Irregular Warfare Podcast.

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Image credit: Fort George G. Meade Public Affairs Office