Last month, we re-published the first part in a two-part series of episodes we originally recorded and released over a year ago—one of the most powerful and well-told stories we’ve featured. It quickly became one of most downloaded episodes we have released, and because our listenership has grown so much over the past year, we decided to re-publish the second part, as well. In it, The Spear is again joined by Ryan Hendrickson, who shares a story from 2016.

Six years and a couple deployments after nearly losing his leg in an IED blast in Afghanistan, Ryan was there once again. One day, during a grueling eighteen-hour mission with his small team of Afghan partners and a group of fellow US Army Special Forces soldiers, he found himself in an intense fight. He recounts an incredible story, but if you haven’t already heard the first part of his story, when he recounts an incident that almost cost him his leg and forced him from the Army, listen to it here.

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Image credit: Staff Sgt. Nicholas Byers, US Air Force