As we enter 2018, we’re taking a look back at our most read pieces of MWI commentary and analysis from the past year. A strategy to tactics, these are the MWI articles read, shared, and talked about most over the past year. Only articles published in 2017 are included on the list (although two from 2016, which you can read here and here, continued to be read so widely that they also would have made the list). Special congratulations to the three authors who wrote more than one article featured on the list: John Spencer, ML Cavanaugh, and James King. One common theme? They all have a remarkable shelf life, and are as relevant today as they were the day we published each of them, so if you missed any of them previously, take a minute and check them out now!

  1. The Overweight Infantryman
  2. Never Bring a Stryker to a Tank Fight
  3. Abundant Vulnerability: Why Military Millennials Might be America’s Achilles’ Heel
  4. When the Combat Switch is Broken: The Dangerous Effects of the Military’s Embrace of Energy Drinks
  5. The Origins of the American Military Coup of 2037
  6. It’s Time to Create a Megacities Combat Unit
  7. The Five Fatal Challenges of Warfighting in Korea
  8. What an Army Megacities Unit Would Look Like
  10. Any Fool Can Obey an Order
  11. The Army Reserve’s Troubling Little Secret: Cheap, Inadequate Training
  12. War Books, Special Edition: CENTCOM Commander’s 2018 Reading List
  13. Physical Fitness is Not the Key to Winning America’s Future Wars
  14. Tabs and Badges and Berets, Oh My! The Big Distraction the Army’s New Advisory Unit Really Didn’t Need
  15. The Russian-Ukrainian War: Understanding the Dust Clouds on the Battlefield
  16. An Outdated Message to Garcia: Why Hubbard’s Essay Needs to be Shelved for Good
  17. The Intelligence Cycle is Broken. Here’s How to Fix It.

Thanks to all of our readers who read, shared, and discussed these and our many other articles, podcasts, and original research reports. Keep checking back often to see the big plans we have in store for 2018!