From March 25 to 27, 2018, the Modern War Institute held its second annual Class of 2006 War Studies Conference. The conference allows distinguished representatives from the private sector, government, academia, think-tank community, and the joint military services to debate and discuss issues related to modern war and warfare. This year’s conference explored the issue of civil-military relations and how modern war and warfare are challenging previous interpretations of the “unequal dialogue.”

You can watch Panel 2, “Isolation or Integration? Debating Huntington’s ‘The Soldier and the State,'” here. Details about the panel are below the video, and you can see more videos from the conference and read the final conference report by visiting the conference page.

Panel 2 – Isolation or Integration? Debating Huntington’s “The Soldier and the State”


Dr. Risa Brooks, Marquette University
Col. (ret) Isaiah “Ike” Wilson, New America Foundation
Lt. Col. James Golby, US Mission to NATO
Dr. Peter Feaver, Duke University
Dr. Richard Kohn, University of North Carolina


Dr. Gideon Rose, Foreign Affairs