This episode of the Modern War Institute Podcast features a conversation with MWI’s own John Spencer. He serves as chair of urban warfare studies at MWI and is a leading expert in the subject or urban warfare. In the conversation, he explores a wide range of questions. Why are cities so challenging for military forces? What steps can be taken to achieve a higher level of preparedness for those challenges? Is it possible to replicate cities’ complexity in a training environment? These are just a few of the topics he offers his keen insights on.

Spencer writes and is published widely on the subject of urban warfare, and this discussion touches on a number of the aspects of urban warfare he has encountered during his research. He is also host of the Urban Warfare Project Podcast, each episode of which delves deeply into the nuances of a single one of those aspect. If you aren’t listening to that podcast and you find this subject interesting, be sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.

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Image credit: Staff Sgt. Michael Pryor, US Army