The Hamas attacks against Israel on October 7 and the ongoing Israeli military campaign in Gaza are the latest, tragic chapters in a complex, decades-long conflict between Israel and a variety of actors—not only Hamas, but Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, and others. By zooming out from the current events and looking expansively at that conflict, it is possible to identify a deeply important irregular warfare component—a component that shapes that conflict at all levels, from tactics to strategy.

To explore irregular warfare in that context, the Irregular Warfare Podcast is producing a special, three-part series of episodes. In the first, host Adam Darnley-Stuart speaks to renowned counterterrorism analyst Dr. Levi West about Hamas, its history, and its strategy. Dr. West offers nuanced insights into Hamas operations and the likelihood that the organization’s tactics might be adopted by other groups around the world. The discussion explores the effects of the October 7 attacks and Israel’s ongoing military response on the enduring friction between Israel and Iran, examines the broader impacts on the geopolitical environment, and more.

You can here that discussion in this special episode of the MWI Podcast. Be sure to subscribe to the Irregular Warfare Podcast on Apple PodcastsStitcherTuneInSpotify, or your favorite podcast app to be sure you hear the second and third parts of this timely series.

Image credit: Hoheit