In this episode of the MWI podcast, Capt. Jake Miraldi sits down for a discussion with Col. Jonathan Neumann. For the past three years, Col. Neumann has served as the director of the Department of Military Instruction at the United States Military Academy. Prior to that, he commanded the 198th Infantry Brigade, responsible for training nearly 20,000 new infantrymen and mortarmen every year. In both roles, he has played a key role in helping to guide the training of soldiers and leaders, preparing them to succeed on the modern battlefield.

In the conversation, Col. Neumann addresses, among other things, how to balance the need to prepare men and women in uniform to undertake missions in support of the nation’s current needs—including stability operations and counterinsurgency—while also properly equipping them with the core competency skills likely to be vital to future operations.

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Image credit: Staff Sgt. Shawn Weismiller, US Air Force