The Army has been undergoing a major transformation for the past several years, focused increasingly on enhancing its readiness to conduct large-scale combat operations and calibrating its capabilities to fit a competitive global environment marked by growing parity. At the same time, the technological landscape is changing quickly, the array of threats for which the Army must be prepared is shifting, and the character of warfare itself continues to evolve. The question of how the Army should plan and conduct training, given those conditions, is as complicated as it is fundamental.

In this episode of the MWI Podcast, John Amble is joined by Brigadier General David Doyle, commanding general of the Joint Readiness Training Center and Fort Polk, Louisiana. He describes how all aspects of training at JRTC—one of the Army’s three combat training centers—have changed, and continue to do so. Beyond training, as he explains, what is happening at the combat training centers also plays a role in the broader modernization efforts the Army is aggressively pursuing.

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Image credit: Capt. Justin Wright, US Army