This episode of the MWI Podcast is the second in recent weeks to focus on the Arctic region. Recently, the Modern War Institute launched Project 6633—an initiative that focuses on issues related to polar security. One of the project’s codirectors, Ryan Burke, recently had the opportunity to visit the Air Force’s Arctic Survival Training School at Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska. He talked to several members of the school’s staff about the unique challenges that forces operating in the extreme environment of the Arctic confront.

Members of air crews who might have to eject in the high latitudes, special operations forces training for missions in this increasingly competitive environment, or servicemembers whose job it is to maintain any in the series of remote military sites in Alaska—all face environmental conditions that can quickly become matters of life and death. Listen as our guests describe how they train students at the school so they are best prepared and equipped to manage and overcome the challenges the environment poses.

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Image credit: Staff Sgt. Vernon Young Jr., US Air Force