In this episode of the MWI Podcast, John Amble is joined by Dr. Liz Buchanan and Dr. Ryan Burke. They are both Modern War Institute fellows, and they are also the directors of a new initiative launched this week that MWI is hosting—Project 6633—that will serve as a platform for discussion, debate, and analysis on Arctic and Antarctic security.

In an era of renewed great power competition, what are the risks of that competition migrating to the Arctic region and Antarctica? What has kept the regions insulated from such competition in the past? What are various states’ key interests in the polar regions? How should we conceptualize issues of security and geopolitics in both areas? Ryan and Liz discuss these questions and more in this episode. They also share their expectations for Project 6633, the types of the discussion it will host, and the impact they aim for it to have.

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Image credit: 1st Lt. Haileigh Combs, US Army