Russian leaders—most notably, Vladimir Putin—have long expressed the view that artificial intelligence will be crucial to Russian security in the future. This sentiment has driven a pursuit in Russia of military applications of AI technology. But how much progress has been made in that pursuit? How have sanctions put in place in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine influenced the course of Russian AI research and development? Most fundamentally, how do Russian military leaders actually want to employ AI-enabled tools on the battlefield?

These questions are immediately relevant in the context of the war in Ukraine, which has seen a succession of new technological capabilities shape the conduct and outcome of battles. But they also have important implications for the confrontation between Russia and the West in the years—even decades—to come. To examine them, John Amble is joined on this episode of the MWI Podcast by Sam Bendett. He is an adviser and member of the Russia Studies Program at CNA and an adjunct senior fellow in the Technology and National Security Program at the Center for a New American Security, which published his recent report, “The Role of AI in Russia’s Confrontation with the West.”

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Image credit: (via Wikimedia Commons)