For eight decades, the world has navigated the risk of nuclear war. But what will be required to so in the future? And because that risk is not static, how do we measure, conceptualize, and respond to changes—like when Russia rattles its nuclear saber? What challenges do so-called tactical nuclear weapons pose to deterrence models based on much larger, strategic weapons? And what dynamics influence both the creation and erosion of international arms control frameworks that aim to regulate these weapons?

This episode features a discussion that examines those questions and more. John Amble is joined by New York Times journalist W. J. “Bill” Hennigan, the lead writer for a new series called “At the Brink.” Based on nearly a year of reporting and research, the series’ first two stories have recently been published. Along with the stories yet to come, they set out to explore the wide-ranging issues surrounding nuclear weapons and their implications for security, foreign policy, and the public.

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