What should we make of the considerable uptick in North Korean nuclear and ballistic missile tests? What are the best tools that the United States and its allies should bring to bear against the North Korea problem? In a fascinating conversation for this episode of the MWI Podcast, Dr. Victor Cha answers these and other questions.

Dr. Cha is the director​ ​of​​ Asian​​ Studies​​ and​ holds​ the​​ D.S. Song–Korea Foundation​ Chair​ in​​ the​​ Department​ of Government​​ and School​​ of Foreign​ Service​ at​ Georgetown University. Before that, he spent three years as the Director​ for Asian​ Affairs​ at the National​ ​Security​ Council. So he brings both an academic and a practitioner’s perspective to this discussion about the very pressing challenge posed by North Korea.

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Image credit: Gilad Rom