Many people look at a map of the Indo-Pacific region and assume that—characterized as it is by long distances and vast stretches of ocean—it is principally the air and maritime domains where military capability is most important. But as you’ll hear in this episode of the MWI Podcast, landpower services play a vital role in the region.

For the US Army, that means lending its unique capabilities toward a diverse set of missions—from building partnerships and assuring allies with its forward presence to deterring aggression from China. To describe the many activities the service has underway in the region, John Amble is joined on this episode by General Charles A. Flynn, commanding general of US Army Pacific.

What is the US Army uniquely suited to achieving in the region? How are the service’s newest capabilities reinforcing security for its allies and partners there? How is it leveraging new Army organizations—like the 1st Multi-Domain Task Force—to meet its objectives? And how will it contribute to maintaining a free and secure Indo-Pacific region in the years to come? General Flynn addresses these questions and more in this deeply interesting discussion.

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Image credit: Capt. Jordan Balzano, US Army