Twenty years ago, in the 2004 National Military Strategy, the Joint Chiefs of Staff described cyberspace as a battlespace “domain.” But just as the physical warfighting domains have become increasingly integrated, with weapons and systems in one domain producing effects in others, cyberspace cannot be conceived of as something fully discrete and separate from the physical domains. In fact, technological advancement and the changing character of war have combined to make cyber issues impact more and more aspects of the Army’s activities.

To explore that impact, MWI is pleased to introduce a new podcast, Ctrl Alt Army: Stories from Cyberspace. Hosted by Dr. Michael Sulmeyer, the principal cyber advisor to the secretary of the Army, and produced by his team in the Pentagon, this series will feature discussions with senior Army leaders about cyber issues, how they affect the functioning of Army units and teams, and specific topics within the cyber field.

MWI Podcast listeners can hear the first episode—a conversation with Lieutenant General Chris Donahue, commanding general of XVIII Airborne Corps—below. Future episodes will be released each week, and to hear them be sure to subscribe to Ctrl Alt Army on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

The MWI Podcast is produced through an endowment generously funded by the West Point Class of 1974. New episodes are released every two weeks, and if you aren’t already subscribed, find it on your favorite podcast app so you don’t miss an episode.