In this episode of the MWI Podcast, Maj. Jake Miraldi speaks to Dr. Sarah Kreps, an associate professor of government and adjunct professor of law at Cornell University. Dr. Kreps is also an adjunct scholar at MWI adjunct scholar, and her research touches on a range of topics that directly relate to the conduct of war, both today and in the future.

Dr. Kreps joined the MWI Podcast to discuss her research on how countries go to war, especially democracies, where the expenditure of blood and treasure impacts public support for military operations. From the increasing reliance on borrowing money to pay for wars to the increased distance of actual warfighters from the battlefield as a result of the growing use of unmanned platforms, a number of trends have altered the way in which societies are connected to the wars fought in their name, with consequent impacts on everything to wars’ duration to war termination.

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Image credit: Tech. Sgt. Erik Gudmundson, US Air Force