It was big news last year when the Department of Defense began exploring the creation of a space force. But the US military has been involved in space for a long time. The Air Force has traditionally had the greatest responsibility for the space domain. But the Army has been involved, too. It has had space operations officers for twenty years. It even has a space brigade. But what does the Army—the nation’s primary ground combat service—actually do in space? That’s the topic of this episode of the MWI Podcast.

MWI’s Maj. Jake Miraldi is joined by four guests:

Col. Eric Little, commander of the Army’s 1st Space Brigade
Mr. Gerald Pepin, acting director of the Army Space Personnel Development Office
Lt. Col. Russ Nowels, operations officer of the 1st Space Brigade
Capt. Arthur Tyson, an Army space operations officer

During the conversation, the four guests discuss the Army’s various missions in space, but they also touch on a range of other topics, including how the space domain will be involved in any potential future conflict against a near-peer adversary.

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Image credit: Carrie Campbell, US Army Space and Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Command