Episode 57 of the Irregular Warfare Podcast focuses on how terrorist organizations and other nonstate armed groups finance their activities, and how the United States and its allies can counter those streams of money.

Our guests begin by framing the techniques, both legal and illicit, that armed groups use to fund their operations and organizations. They go on to explain the tools the United States uses to counter these financing methods and explore if those tools have been effective when applied to the war on terrorism. They conclude by offering insight on interagency cooperation and tracking the money pushed into combat zones or to partner forces.

Dr. Margaret Sankey is currently Air University’s research coordinator in the Office of Sponsored Programs. She previously worked as the director of research and electives at Air War College. She earned her PhD from Auburn University and is the author of the book Blood Money: How Criminals, Militias, Rebels, and Warlords Finance Violence, which forms the foundation of our conversation.

John Cassara served for twenty-six years in various federal intelligence and law enforcement agencies to include the CIA and as a special agent for the Department of Treasury and Secret Service. His operational career focused on anti–money laundering and terrorist financing. Since retirement he lectures around the world on transnational crime issues, consults for government and industry, and is the author of several books on threat finance, the most recent of which was Money Laundering and Illicit Financial Flows: Following the Money and Value Trails.

Laura Jones and Shawna Sinnott are the hosts for Episode 57. Please reach out to Laura and Shawna with any questions about this episode or the Irregular Warfare Podcast.

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Image credit: Institute for Money, Technology, and Financial Inclusion