Mad Scientist Initiative
Call for ideas
“Soldier 2050”

Due: 1 December 2017



Warfare is a human endeavor. Humanity’s next evolutionary leap, its coevolution with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and becoming part of the network, will change the character of war. Convergences in nano, neuro, information, and quantum technologies will further drive this change.

How do I Contribute

We want your ideas! The Mad Scientist Initiative uses storytelling and crowdsourcing to imagine potential futures. Choose your creative methods:

(1) Researched Topics(see topics of interest)

(2) “A Soldier’s Letter from the Frontline”

You can share your ideas by submitting papers, artwork, videos, and games.

These questions are writing prompts and should not limit your imagination and creativity:

Prompt 1: How does the convergence of bio, quantum, neuro, nano, and information change warfare?

Prompt 2: How will the Soldier of 2050 interact with their equipment, fellow Soldiers, and autonomous capabilities?

Prompt 3: Soldiers’ letters have been a window into warfare for hundreds of years. How do Soldiers describe their units, equipment, and war to their loved ones in 2050?

Best Ideas

  • Publication in a military or academic journal
  • Invited to speak at a Mad Scientist Conference
  • Mad Scientist SWAG


  • Submissions must be unclassified, unpublished, and cleared by your public affairs office and operations security managers( USG & as applicable).
  • Research papers: max 5000 words/12 point font.
  • “A Soldier’s Letter from the Frontline” – max 2000 words/12 point font; video length max 5 minutes.

Topics of Interest

  • Human Co-Evolution with AI
  • Convergence with Bio, Neuro, Nano, and Quantum
  • Hyper Connected Military Formations
  • Leaders & Artificial Intelligence
  • Robotics & Autonomous Systems
  • Man-Machine Interface
  • Character of War
  • Moral/Ethical Dilemmas in Future Warfare


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