Episode 7, Season 1 of the Social Science of War podcast is the first in a two-part series that examines land warfare in Europe, with a focus on the lessons learned from Russia’s war in Ukraine.

The second part in this series will examine tactical and operational lessons from the war, and what they can teach us about large-scale combat operations. Today’s conversation takes a broader view by focusing on the strategic and political dynamics of the NATO alliance. Topics discussed include how the United States and its NATO allies would fight together in a great power war, the concept and practice of burden sharing between NATO allies, and lessons learned about working through coalitions from the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Ukraine.

Dr. Benedetta Berti has served as the head of policy planning in the office of the secretary general at NATO for nearly six years. Dr. Berti’s research focuses on foreign policy and security, and she has published widely, to include four books. She previously served as a nonresident fellow at the Modern War Institute at West Point, and she is currently an Eisenhower global fellow and a TED senior fellow.

Lieutenant Colonel Jordan Becker currently serves as an assistant professor in the Department of Social Sciences at West Point. As an Army officer he has served as the US joint staff liaison officer to the French joint staff and held positions at NATO headquarters and the US mission to NATO. As a scholar he has authored multiple publications on transatlantic burden sharing and the political economy of European security. He is also currently a research fellow at the Brussels School of Governance. He was previously a research fellow at the Ecole Militaire and Sciences Po in Paris.

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Image credit: North Atlantic Treaty Organization