With Russia’s new ground offensive, China potentially arming Russia, and growing possibilities for accidental escalation, now is a crucial time to discuss the strategic, military, diplomatic, economic, and public support dimensions related to the Ukraine conflict. Whether it is President Xi Jinping’s visit to Moscow, Putin’s visit to Mariupol, or the downing of the US Air Force’s drone over the Black Sea, the Russo-Ukrainian War continues to change in new and unexpected ways.

The University of Chicago Project on Security and Threats (CPOST) is honored to host former Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul and former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel in a conversation on “Ukraine, Russia, and the Future of the Liberal Order.” The event will be moderated by CPOST director and University of Chicago Professor Robert Pape. Both Ambassador McFaul and Secretary Hagel were in office when Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014 and bring with them years of experience in formulating and implementing US national strategy.

In cooperation with CPOST, MWI will livestream this event on our website on Friday, March 24, at 6pm Eastern Daylight Time.

Image credit: kremlin.ru, via Wikimedia Commons