This is the inaugural episode of a brand-new podcast the Modern War Institute is launching in collaboration with Princeton University’s Empirical Studies of Conflict Project. It’s called the Irregular Warfare Podcast, and in this episode, Kyle Atwell and Nick Lopez discuss the question “What are Small Wars?” with Dr. Jake Shapiro and Col. Patrick Howell. Jake is a professor of political science at Princeton University and a coauthor of the book Small Wars, Big Data: The Information Revolution in Modern Conflict. Col. Howell is the director of the Modern War Institute and has over twenty years of experience participating in irregular wars around the world.

The conversation tackles fundamental questions about irregular warfare: What are small wars? Do they still matter in an era of great-power competition? And what have the United States and its allies learned (and not learned) about how to fight them over the past decades of conflict in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere?  In line with the charter of the Irregular Warfare Podcast, the conversation bridges the gap between scholars and practitioners by identifying important lessons learned from the study and practice of irregular warfare for both policymakers and practitioners.

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Image credit: Maj. Melody Faulkenberry, US Army