Over the past several months, MWI has published a number of articles focusing on urban warfare—how we should train for it, what unique challenges it will pose, even whether its something we should be preparing for. The responses those articles triggered have been wide-ranging and insightful. But above all, they have made clear how much still needs to be discussed, debated, and decided. That’s why we’re launching the Urban Warfare Project. That’s where you can find everything MWI has published on topics related to cities, megacities, urbanization, and urban warfare. We’ll be adding new content and connecting it to other external resources, research, and multimedia. It will also serve as a platform to crowd-source new ideas to refine the way we think about this complicated battlespace.

Check back often and in the meantime, if you have ideas about urban warfare that you’d like to share, take a look at MWI’s submission guidelines.

Click here to visit the new Urban Warfare Project landing page.


Image credit: Sgt. William A. Tanner, US Army