The Modern War Institute at West Point is pleased to announce its 2020–21 class of Fellows and Adjunct Scholars. We published a call for applications at the beginning of the summer, and the response was tremendous. We received a record number of applications this year from a remarkable and talented group of applicants, and we sincerely thank all who took the time to apply.

Those we selected stood out especially, having demonstrated both quality work and a deep commitment to advancing our understanding of issues related to modern war. As a whole, the group below has a widely ranging mix of background and subject matter expertise, and we look forward to working with each of our the MWI Fellows and Adjunct Scholars over the coming year.

Adjunct Scholars

Kevin Benson
Risa Brooks
Rosa Brooks
Robert Cassidy
Shira Efron
David Johnson
Jack Kem
Iain King
Jody Prescott
Daphne Richemond-Barak
Leif Rosenberger
Mick Ryan
Heidi Urben
Joe Varner

Senior Fellows

Max Brooks
ML Cavanaugh
Steve Leonard


Paul Barnes
Andrew Bell
Yelena Biberman
Alexander Boroff
Ryan Burke
Elizabeth Buchanan
Joe Byerly
Erica De Bruin
Alex Deep
Nadia Gerspacher
Ryan Grauer
Bryan Groves
Rebecca Jensen
James Johnson
Barnett Koven
Doug Livermore
James Long
Dan Maurer
Michael Poznansky
Jacob Stoil
Ian van der Waag
Alex Waterman
Daniel White
Ali Wyne
Amr Yossef