The Modern War Institute at West Point is pleased to announce its 2019–20 class of Adjunct Scholars and Non-Resident Fellows. Our call for applications for these programs attracted the a wide range of impressive and talented applicants, and we extend our sincere thanks to all who applied. Among the many qualified individuals we considered, those we selected stood out for their quality work and commitment to advancing our understanding of issues related to modern war.

This year we have also elevated three individuals to Senior Fellows, in recognition of their many and ongoing contributions to MWI’s mission.

With a diverse mix of background and subject matter expertise, we look forward to working with each of our Scholars and Fellows over the year to come.


Adjunct Scholars


Risa Brooks
Rosa Brooks
Robert Cassidy
Mark Hertling
David Johnson
Sean Lawson
Al Mauroni
Daphne Richemond-Barak
Robert Scales



Senior Fellows


Max Brooks
ML Cavanaugh
Steve Leonard



Non-Resident Fellows


Nick Bono
Elizabeth Buchanan
Ryan Burke
Joe Byerly
Matthew Cancian
Mick Cook
Meredith Loken
Jahara Matisek
Dan Maurer
Harrison (Brandon) Morgan
Michael Poznansky
Brett Reichert
Miranda Summers Lowe
Christopher Wall
Ali Wyne