Christmas is a time for gift giving. But what if the person you’re shopping for is an urban warfare specialist? What capabilities should you be looking for?

That’s the subject of these two special episodes of the Urban Warfare Project Podcast. Two years ago, John Spencer shared his first urban warfare Christmas wish list. One of the leading experts on urban warfare and MWI’s chair of urban warfare studies, his first list included everything from a lightweight smoke generator to something he called “Google War.” Listen to the full conversation, as he lists twelve items and describes why they represent critical capabilities for urban warfare practitioners.

Last year he revisited the theme, this time joined by Major Jayson Geroux, a Canadian Army officer and expert on urban warfare, and Mr. Stuart Lyle, the urban operations research lead for the UK-based Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl). Together, they present a new list of unique tools and capabilities suited to the challenges posed by cities as battlefields—this time ranging from more specialized training infrastructure to urban-optimized weapon systems.

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