Link to University of Minnesota, Rochester Link to University of Minnesota, Rochester “Connects” series available here.

By Major Matt Cavanaugh

Last night I was thrilled to speak at the University of Minnesota – Rochester “Connects” series on the subject of the relationship among “Wars, Warriors, and Society.” There was a great audience, with lots of thoughtful questions…by the end of the night it really felt like we had an excellent learning environment going.

Due to the inherent limitations of PowerPoint, as well as trying to convey so much information about such a vast subject (really, there aren’t many subjects that even approach the enormity of war as a concept) – I promised that I would post a set of links on the site for those interested in where the information came from.  This is what follows.  I hope that they educate and inspire just as they did in the process of helping me prepare for last night.  I look forward to any follow up questions…again, thanks so much for attending.

Garrison Keillor in National Geographic on Minnesota’s geography.

Scott Berg on the 1862 Mankato mass execution.

Wonderful book on the First Minnesota’s experiences at Gettysburg.

For more on General Martin Dempsey’s “security paradox.”

Sir John Keegan’s BBC (radio) lectures on war.

Wikileaks video – “Collateral Murder.”

Professor (and retired Colonel) Don Snider on civil-military relations.

Author Sebasitan Junger on veterans and the healing power of storytelling.

More from Sebastian Junger.