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Landpower: Unlocking the Mysteries of Ancient Civilizations

By Major Matt Cavanaugh

On a research trip to London this past spring, while in the British Museum I came across a pretty neat story about the Rosetta Stone and its important connection with landpower.  I was dawdling in the bookshop, picking up random books that I never would have considered had I been any place other than a museum and came across John Ray’s The Rosetta Stone And The Rebirth of Ancient Egypt.  I started to skim and found that Ray is a Professor of Egyptology at Cambridge.  The book is meant for mass consumption, but as it clearly comes from a learned source, I trust it’s accuracy.

More than having come from a proper scholar, the book taught me about the critical role landpower played in securing this key to unlocking an ancient civilization (Egyptian hieroglyphs).  For those who wish a bit more on the stone in general, Wikipedia’s entry on this subject is fantastic. What follows, however, are selections from Ray’s book about how the Rosetta Stone made its way to the British Museum in June 1802 as a spoil of war with the French.  

The French had been at war with the British since 1793; Napoleon led a French force to invade Egypt in 1799…

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Genesis of the Army Green Tab

Image courtesy of Military Uniform Supply. By Major Matt Cavanaugh As I write my dissertation, I’ve spent an awfully long time in General Eisenhower’s papers (emphasis on awful).  Though the spade work can get...

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