Plans Officer


Capt. Joe McGiffin commissioned as a logistics officer from the University of Virginia ROTC program in 2014 with a BA in history. As a lieutenant, he served in the 3rd Infantry Division, providing forward sustainment support to various battalion formations through both resupply and maintenance operations. As a captain, he has served as the senior trainer at the US Army Officer Candidate School, and the headquarters and headquarters company commander for the Maneuver Center of Excellence at Fort Benning, Georgia.

While stationed at Fort Benning, he earned an MA in military studies from American Military University. Prior to joining MWI, he graduated as the valedictorian for his class from Syracuse University with an executive master of international relations. In addition to his work with MWI, Capt. McGiffin also teaches DS 495: Research Methods in Strategic Studies, one of the core classes for DSS majors at the United States Military Academy.