Kerry Chávez, PhD, is an instructor in the Political Science Department and project administrator at the Peace, War, and Social Conflict Laboratory at Texas Tech University. Her research focuses on the politics, strategies, and emerging technologies of modern warfare and international security. In short, how do states and nonstate groups fight, and why? She has two novel datasets collected to examine new questions and conventional ones at greater resolution. Military Operations with Novel Strategic Technologies in r (MONSTr) offers a comprehensive list of US military operations from 1989 to January 2021 featuring the means of force used, geocoded locations, combatant rosters, and information on structural dependencies between events within campaigns and wars. Her dataset on violent nonstate actor drone adoption has received international attention and is considered a cornerstone in understanding quantitative trends on this phenomenon. She partners with several policy-making and private industry groups to socially contextualize, empirically ground, and generate synthetic data for efforts to stay on the leading edge of unmanned platform threats.