MWI Non-Resident Fellow

Dan Maurer is an active duty Judge Advocate and former combat engineer officer, with service in Iraq during Operations Iraqi Freedom I and New Dawn, as well as in Italy, Africa, and varied stateside assignments. He was the first military or civilian lawyer to be selected as a Strategy Fellow for the Army chief of staff’s Strategic Studies Group, and has served as a prosecutor, appellate counsel, chief of military justice for a large Midwestern installation, and chief of operational law for an Army Service Component Command/Theater Army. Dan is the author of Crisis, Agency, and Law in US Civil-Military Relations (Palgrave Macmillan, 2017), Clash of the Trinities: a New Theoretical Analysis of the General Nature of War (US Army War College, Strategic Studies Institute Press, 2017), a chapter about civil-military relations theory in Strategy Strikes Back: How Star Wars Explains Modern Military Conflict (Potomac Books, 2018), and several peer-reviewed law review/journal articles about military justice, and has published widely at Small Wars Journal, Lawfare, and MWI. He earned his law degree from The Ohio State University, his LL.M. from the Army’s JAG School (recipient of the award for best thesis), and his B.A. from James Madison University, where he was an Army ROTC Distinguished Military Graduate.