Codirector of the Shield Notes

Matt Cavanaugh is an active duty US Army strategist with global experience and assignments ranging from the Pentagon to Korea and West Point to the Middle East. He is the youngest recipient of the US Army Strategists Association’s professional award, the Order of Saint Gabriel the Archangel (2015), in addition to earning West Point’s faculty-wide Apgar Award for Excellence in Teaching (2014), and being named the US Army’s Athlete of the Year (2009). Matt has served on the Wounded Warrior Project’s Advisory Council, is a Term Member with the Council on Foreign Relations, a Founding Member of the Military Writers Guild, and was a co-founder of the Modern War Institute at West Point. He earned his master’s degree at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand and earned his PhD on supreme command under Professor Emeritus Colin Gray at the University of Reading (UK). His writings have been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal, among other outlets.